Zulkey: the Showering

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Yesterday I attended a bridal shower thrown for me, and of course, as these things typically are, it was lovely. My friends and my mom's friends came, we ate lunch, we had a few drinks, and I opened presents (quickly because if you do it too slowly they'll turn on you, I hear). What made the shower fun and unique was that it took place at a cooking school, so we actually made our own lunch: empanadas, beef and grape and chicken skewers and sauce, goat cheese in tomato sauce, paella and churros. Fortunately staff were there to make sure everything got done correctly and on time but the ladies really were in the mix; apparently at these occasions, sometimes guests prefer to drink sangria and let the staff do all the work.

The only damper on the whole day was the massive, violent foodfight that erupted. I wasn't really paying attention because I was so drunk but suddenly two of my mom's friends were slinging tomato sauce at each other, and that stuff was hot. Somebody probably should have taken them to the emergency room but everyone was too busy being horrified by the bridesmaid who got a skewer in her eye. She kind of asked for it, talking all this trash about my mom, but it was a little embarrassing. I have to say maybe the most unintentionally funny part of the fight was when my childhood friend stuffed all these raw shrimp down the shirt of my mom's golf buddy but what wasn't funny was her language. Some things just shouldn't be said in public, especially when there are ladies present.

Despite the thousands done in property damages and I'm sure much more to come in civil lawsuits, we had a great time. Of course all the presents that I was given that were breakable were broken (and somehow even those that weren't breakable were ruined, but I kind of asked for it, I guess) but it was nice just getting together with the girls--that's what it's all about, right?