Pitches For Some Other Article Ideas re: Obama

"Is Obama too good of a basketball player to be President?" (about how "regular" Americans can't relate to such an "urban" sport, and like their presidents to play blue-collar heartland games like golf and horseshoes and speedboat-driving).

"Does Barack Obama hate rich f-ed up young white Americans?" (about how Obama seemed to think it was an insult to be compared to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears like he's too good for them or something. Plus, he embarrassed Scarlett Johansson.)

"Is Barack Obama too young to be President?" (is he in a gang?)

"Is Barack Obama too ambitious?" (running for President is not something a humble person would do. I bet I can get a quote in here from somebody using the word "uppity" but of course I don't want to use it myself. That would be wrong.)

"Does Barack Obama hate America?" ("Change" is one of his keywords but if he really loved this country he would love it for what it is and not try and make it something it's not)

"Does Barack Obama hate families?" (only has one wife and two kids: McCain's had two wives and has fathered seven children)

"Is Barack Obama REALLY TECHNICALLY American?" (aways talking about he's from Hawaii but isn't it a coincidence that it was the 50th state to join the union?)

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