One Of Those Pointless Gripes That Give Blogs a Bad Name

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...but I am too tired to come up with something cuter. I had my first wedding shower yesterday which was delightful but unexpectedly tiring, even with the pick-me-up of chocolate covered rice krispie treats.

But here is my complaint:

What is with summer fruit? It is the most fleeting of produce. I bought three peaches and three nectarines the other day. I had one nectarine and it wasn't ripe yet, in fact, it looked and tasted quite wrong. So I left the rest out to ripen a bit and a day later all but two were completely moldy, so those that weren't I stuck in the fridge to salvage. I brought one to work today and find that the skin is slipping off. This makes me very angry as I depend on a satisfying piece of fruit t the end of my lunch to make me pretend like I'm having a real dessert. This will not stand!

So summer fruit, I disdain thee. Either toughen up or get out.