Oh, All Right

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My roommate asked me to write about the Democratic Convention today so he could live vicariously through me but I told him I'm over the whole thing. Then I realized I had nothing else to write about. So here is my beef:

I don't understand the Hillary Clinton supporters who say that Obama has to "prove himself" and "ask permission" of them before they will support him as their nominee. Say the White Sox had lost the World Series in 2005. I wouldn't demand that the Houston Astros have to make their case to me as to why I should accept them as that year's champion. I wouldn't be happy that they won but they won. Now out of spite I suppose I could just say I was never ever going to like baseball again and turn to football so I wouldn't have to be reminded of the ignominy of the Sox losing, but I don't think baseball would really care that much and I would just look dumb. Especially if the White Sox said "No seriously, the Astros are your champion. Give them a chance!"

That's all I've got on that. Steve, was that good enough for you?