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In case you missed it, I waxed poetic about my love of the Kiss Cam on Deadspin on Friday.

So the New York Times has this story about ex girlfriends who set out to sabotage their ex boyfriend's weddings. Now I can get down with pettiness and revenge but if you really want to mess with your old boyfriend's new lady, you can take it much further than that. See, what I'm planning on doing is secretly sabotaging my OWN wedding but setting it up so that it all leads back to my ex's new wife. Thus I can get my revenge but without the humiliation of being the bad guy (also I'll need a way to figure out how to have my wedding be sabotaged but in a non-ruinous way, for instance, if a guy with a cream pie threw it at me but it JUST missed me). It's the perfect plan.

Maybe I've said too much.