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Field-Tested Books
is a project we've put together here at Coudal Partners, a Chicago-based design firm. It's based on the idea that people's perceptions of a book are affected by the place where they read them. Or vise versa. To test that theory, we asked a wide variety of writers, designers, actors, and artists to write short essays about a memory they have of a book influencing a place or a place influencing their reading. Over the course of five years, we've assembled more than 140 of these essays from all over the world. Originally an online feature, this year we've decided to publish a book with the complete collection. And to help celebrate the launch of the new book, we'll be holding readings/events, first here in Chicago and then in New York, with LA and possibly more cities to follow.

Tuesday, July 22nd at 7pm
Fulton Lounge
955 W. Fulton Market

New York
Monday, July 28th at 7pm
The Delancey (on the rooftop)
168 Delancey St.