Things I Hate About My Fiance's Car

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The fact that for every 15 minutes of air conditioning you get, you must pay with an hour of heat

That the engine started smoking the other day for no reason

That unless you park on a perfectly level street, the engine rumbles for some reason after you start it up

No AM radio

Windshield wipers that somehow only further distort vision

The fact that even if it had AM radio, you probably couldn't hear it because the engine is strangely loud for a tiny Kia Rio

Manual locks (not really a serious deficit but I am on a roll here)

Roll-down windows

Cup-holder behind the stick shift rendering it basically useless

Other cup-holder filled with spare change, gum wrappers and empty pens, rendering that basically useless

Manual transmission, which means I can't drive it, which maybe is for the best because accidentally it would end up in Lake Michigan