Dear Chicago White Sox

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Thank you for saving my summer. That's right...if you hadn't won this series, you pretty much would have put an indelible black mark on the entire season. The fact that you swept it, in fact, means that I not only don't have to be ashamed of myself, I can maybe even feel kind of good about myself. Obviously, it would have been nice if you didn't have an embarrassing six-game losing streak against the Cubs up until this point (see, this is where I concede that we are not necessarily the superior team), but still, this gives me hope and in general just helped start this day on a better note. It would be nice if it simply didn't matter, that I would begin my day the same way whether or not the Sox were humiliated or avenged themselves, but alas, it's something I'm still working on.

So anyway, ChiSox, I know you specifically were playing for all your fans who couldn't stand the ribbing anymore, that that was the only reason you swept this series. And for that I thank you.