Fast Food Follow-Ups

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First, here are my thoughts on Idol last night.

As I imagined, I got some feedback to my proclamation that at least for one day, Waffle House>>Chick Fil-A. Here you go:

Meghan says:

I affirm the greatness of Culver's, El Pollo Loco, In-and-Out Burger and Superdawg. I would add Portillo's, Cracker Barrel (only if you go in the South, though), Paschal's (not fast food, soul food that you can get fast...almost went into a soul food coma pre-flight it was so damn good) and The Golden Krust.

Jon says:

But Chick-Fil-A is in the Midwest! Maybe not in Chicago, but when I grew up in Indiana, we had them all over the place. Agreed on the Jesus freaks though. Maybe a good anti- beef ad campaign for them could be "Abortion stops a beating heart, and so will hamburgers."

According to Michael,

Waffle House is fun. I spent a lot of high school hanging out in one. Chick-fil-A may have not hit Chicago, but it is in the Midwest. We have a few in Saint Louis, and there are some in downstate Illinois. Jack in the Box is all over the place here. There were many in Texas when I lived there, but few in the parts of the real South I know well. My favorite, by far, is New Orleans chicken chain Popeyes.

(I responded that I too love Popeye's and he informed me):

It's Popeyes. Recently deceased Al Copeland said he was too poor for an apostrophe when he started it. It's named after a character in The French Connection. Over Christmas playing Trivial Pursuit with my family, I gave the correct answer, The French Connection, to a question about Popeye Doyle. I never saw the movie or read the book, but I knew because I love Popeyes so much. I also highly recommend Little Nicky to everyone who appreciates Popeyes. "Unleash the awesome."

My friend Fayrene thought I was...

...totally wrong both about Chick-fil-A and Waffle House. One is awesome and the other is disgusting, and a waitress who calls you baby does not make up for the potential intestinal distress you risk by eating at Waffle House.

I love Whataburger, I think it's probs the best fast food burger. Here's what is so great about them - 1) made to order. you can get pretty much anything you want on them. 2) open late, so good for post-drinking greasy food booze absorption. 3) excellent onion rings 4) very good ketchup 5) breakfast tacos.

Also, I kinda like the ads. What! a Burger! And they have whole-wheat buns available (as does Chick Fil A)

My friend Carrie added:

Chik-Fil-A is awesome. They never fuck up the order, service is always polite, the food is always fresh, and their fruit option is awesome. I think their Christian vibe is working for them.

A waitress calling you baby is cliche at best.

So, based on this scientific experiment I have come to the conclusion that people like fast food and have thoughts on it. Where's my genius grant?