My Personal Appearances

For my fans and followers who hope to get a glimpse of me as I make my way to their area:

All day, today: Work, to have a town hall meeting with anyone who happens to come into my office.

Thursday, 6:45 PM: The gym, to deliver an important address to my ass.

Friday, 5:30 PM on: Available for photo ops with any random people on the street who happen to have a camera and want to take my picture for some reason.

Friday, 7 PM: Appearance at a restaurant (to be determined) to mingle with "the common folk" and demonstrate that just like them, I like food.

Saturday, 12-2 PM: Book signing (book to be determined)

Sunday, 11-11:10 AM: Outside a church after Easter services: baby kissing.

Sunday, 12-5 PM: Home: Participant in at one-person Cadbury mini-egg competition (no cameras or camera phones allowed)