Rem Koolhaas: "I'm Helping!"

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Do you guys remember the Budding Young Theologian? Well he's going to be in Chicago tonight, doing a reading--go check him out!

My fiancee told me a funny story last night about how the Hermitage in St. Petersburg is bringing in famed architect Rem Koolhaas to redesign the institution. However, he's not actually being allowed to really do anything. He's not allowed to make any changes to the building itself and not allowed to put anything new inside the museum.

Here are some of the things he will be allowed to do:

Rearrange items in the gift shop (sale items only).

Stand around and tell people what he WOULD do if he could (from 12-2 only)

Make the temperature in the museum exactly one degree warmer or cooler, at his pleasure.

Shovel the front walk.

In Russia, museums redesign YOU.