Walking: To the Extreme!

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Hey! I'm featured in a nice article in Time Out Chicago today, if you're interested. I don't really look like that, by the way, in real life. I'm much more low-res.

I've been hearing these ads on the radio for The Breast Cancer 3-Day, a walk that raises money to find a cure for breast cancer. But I keep hearing it described as "the boldest" breast cancer walk there is. I know I shouldn't mess with the big C but it makes me antsy when I hear the words "bold" and "extreme" applied to things that aren't really like that, whether it's a cheezy tortilla chip or a charity walk. I guess it would be bold if everyone walking the walk were topless and it were through a rough part of town, or maybe it was actually not so much a walk but a skydiving event.

At 60 miles, the walk is definitely strenuous, and laudatory, but another problem with describing it as the "boldest" is that it puts other breast cancer walks to shame. Other breast cancer walks THINK they're "to the max," but in reality, they're just little sissy walks for wimps. Breast cancer kicks the ass out of all other walks but ours! Be a man and do OUR breast cancer walk, or you're not doing a walk at all.