An Exciting New Contest

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So as some of you know I do TV writing for the LA Times and the Onion AV Club and sometimes in tandem with these gigs I interview folks related to the shows I cover. Last week I interviewed a person who appears on one of the shows I review and this person told me a spoiler. Not just any spoiler. It was the kind of spoiler that made my face melt off in layers and my skeleton turn brittle and then blow away in the wind. I mean it is a crazy-time spoiler.

Of course, however, I have to keep this bit of information to myself, for two reasons:

1. I am not a jerk

2. I would get in trouble.

It is a heavy responsibility, having such knowledge. I've been informed that I'm one of a few people outside those who work on the show who knows this ending. I could utter just a few words and upset a lot of people. Now I know exactly how people in the FBI and CIA feel when they know some crazy stuff is about to happen but they can't tell anyone. I was offered a cyanide tablet in case I get captured.

All I have to do is keep my mouth shut until Christmas or so, though, and then finally everyone will know the jaw-dropping information.

But I figured that I can turn my burden into something fun. And thus a contest. readers are welcome to guess what the spoiler is that I know. Of course I'm not going to tell you what show it is but it should be pretty easy to figure it out or at least take a decent stab. Those who send me a correct guess by December 13 will receive a Christmas/holiday gift from me in the mail. In order to win you have to at least correctly identify what THING happens to what PERSON but if you can pinpoint even more details you'll get an even better gift. I'll run all guesses on the 20th.

Good luck and good watching! I love TV, man.