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Monday I talked about some things to get all holier than thouer about than TV. Well, I got an email since then that I think gave me some good ideas on other things to get worked up about:

hi, im a highschool student in the philippines. in health this year we are studying on the different kinds of diets. my classmates and i need to give a report on the hollywood diet and so far the most interesting article we read was yours. and we just want to know more about your experience please send us a deeper article about your experience and if possible also your research. thankyou thankyou very much! salamat po!

One of the reasons this stood out to me was that it reminded me of another email I had gotten a few months earlier:

i have to write a paper on hollywood 48 hr miracle diet for a college paper and i found yours and i have to write about u 2 so wat is the best website i can find that talks bout u my paper is due monday oct 1st PLEASE write back ASAP thank u

What I like best is that you can draw so many righteous indignations from these. "The Internet is ruining our children!" "The education system is a joke!" "Why is everyone writing about the Hollywood Diet?" "Eating disorders!!!" "Teachers get paid too much!" "Claire Zulkey inspires lazy academics!" And so on.

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