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I have sort of a quasi-entry for today for two reasons. One is that I have a cool contest coming up, I think, but I need to get the go-ahead from some higher-ups (you'll see.)

Also is that I'm unexpectedly housesitting right now for a friend who just had a baby yesterday. It's an interesting scenario, because they left the house all ready for the baby. The diapers are all lined up, the clothes waiting, the stroller prepped with its blanket. The house is never going to be the same after they come home but I'm getting to haunt it right before the big change happens. If only they'd baby-proofed it first because I keep sticking my fingers in the electrical sockets and it smarts.

So I will have an interview for you tomorrow but here are some announcements.

Chicagoans: if you like comedy (and especially if you enjoy the filmmaking stylings of Steve Delahoyde), come out the Annoyance Theatre on December 12th for the Christmas show awfully wonderfully titled "Three Dumb Men," featuring the aforementioned Delahoyde as well as Robert Buscemi and Jared Logan. You'll surely want to go just based on how good-looking they are.

Also, Chicagoans, I encourage you to consider stopping by Zella that same night to attend a Young Professionals for Daniel Biss, who is running for State Representative. Daniel is a great guy and Zella is a fun time--this summer I was spotted there doing shots and wearing a cowboy hat. I will be there but I can't promise that I will wear the hat. Anyway, Daniel is mentioned today in a New York Times article, so once you've read that and decided that he's your man, check out the invitation to the fundraiser here ($35 is pretty decent for an open bar and appetizers anyway, am I right?)

Finally, and you don't have to live in Chicago for this, my friend, writer Jami Attenberg, is having a really cool contest to promote her upcoming book The Kept Man. Check out the details here.