Best-Named Forefathers of Our New Puppy

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My parents got a new puppy this weekend, named Lieutenant "Looey" Aparacio Zulkey. And, without a doubt, he's the cutest, smartest, most lovable, best puppy ever.

He comes from a long line of interestingly-named Shelties. His father's name was Carloway Voyager Fair Warning, and his mom is named Carloway Patent "Patti" Pending. He's got a long and distinguished bloodline but some have especially precious names:

AMCH Jade Mist Beyond Tradition

AMCH Gemstone Devotion

Mystique Summer Memory

AMCH Jade Mist A Case in Point

Jade Mist Social Climber

AMCH Willow Cove's Outrageous

Twin Oaks Heartbreaker

Primo Chantilly Making Whoppi

AMCH Glademist Dueling Banjos

Karral Bell Ringing' Time