Theory: Ron Santo Would Be a Better Announcer if He Used a Few More Exclamation Marks

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Today is the day to have low expectations.

Transcript of Ron's original calls of the Cubs/Diamondbacks game on Saturday.

Tested theory:

First Inning, Original Reaction: : "Oh, my God. ... He's hit two homers on fastballs. It's about time we threw him something else. My gosh."
New reaction: "Oh, my God! He's hit two homers on fastballs! It's about time we threw him something else! My gosh!!"

Fourth Inning, Original Reaction:
"My God, gosh. ... Things aren't going our way, no doubt."
New Reaction: "My God!!"

Fifth Inning, Original Reaction: "Oh, no! Oh, my God."
New Reaction: "Oh no! Oh, my God! Oh, the humanity."

Sixth Inning, Original Reaction: "Ah ... oh ... (long sigh)."
New Reaction: "Oh...oh....[shriek]"

Seventh Inning Stretch, Original Reaction: "All right, we need a lot of help. This one is for you. This game is not over."
New Reaction: "Come on, you assholes!"

Eight Inning, Original Reaction: "We worked so hard to get here. You hate to go out without a battle."
New Reaction: "We are not going without a battle, goddammit!"

Soriano flyout to end game, Original Reaction, Silence.
New Reaction: Sound of the breaking off of a bottle to go start a riot.

Theory proven.

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