The Mystery Interview

Today is the day to worry about your reputation.

Today's interview is a real interview, don't worry, not a funny piece I wrote about me interviewing a mystery person. He happens to go by the name "Mystery," known as "the world's foremost expert in the venusian arts and science of social dynamics." In other words, he helps guys get chicks. His Vh1 reality show "The Pick-Up Artist" recently wrapped its debut season and he's also the author of the book The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed. People seem either to love him or hate him, but it's not about what they say about you, but whether they spell your name correctly, right? (And as you can see from question #1 he made that as easy as he could.)

The Mystery Interview: Slightly Under Twenty Questions

Tell me about the times that you've changed your name, and what made you do it in each situation and why you chose the names you did.
I was born Erik James Horvat-Markovic' (There is an accent over the C). I started using the name Erik Von Markovic as a stage name for my illusionist shows, and decided to change it legally at the age of 22.

In doing research on you I kept coming across the "seduction community." What exactly is that?
If one has focused on improving one's relationship success, then he or she is a venusian artist. This community consists of both men and women, all over the world, who learn, teach, and otherwise share knowledge of the venusian arts. Based on a loose estimate, there are millions of people involved.

"The Pickup Artist" focuses on lonely "lovable losers." Do you ever work with guys who have failed to get women in the opposite way, IE they were overbearing or too cocky?

You have a few colleagues in the seduction community: why were you alone chosen as The Pick-Up Artist?
I was the first to conduct in-the-field workshops. I have dated some of the most beautiful women in the world, and pioneered many of the social dynamics theories that are used within the VA community.

I read that there's some controversy about the show, that the winner and runners-up are actually an actor and a model. Does that mean that there are simply not enough lonely geeks in the world who need setting up?
Kosmo was a computer programmer, and Brady, a photographer. Now that Kosmo has redirected his future with his new social dynamic set, I know he will be very successful as an actor.

Do you always use the Mystery Method when meeting women, or is that more of a failsafe when a standard conversation might work?
I am Mystery, and it is my method. I never claimed more nor less.

Have you received any feedback on whether your methods have any effectiveness in the gay or lesbian communities?
Not so much from gay guys, because they have a different culture. My gay brother is very proud of me, but he doesn't need my method, because he has been in a relationship for fifteen years. Some fan mail arrives from lesbian girls asking if the method will work for them-- the answer is yes.

If I say I actually don't prefer an alpha male, does that mean the M3 method wouldn't work on me or that I'm kidding myself? (Note to my boyfriend: you are totally an alpha male, baby, don't worry.)
The emotional circuitry hardware is ubiquitous with every other womans head. Attraction is not a choice. Only preferences are limited.

On that note, do you feel like you've noticed that geekdom in general (as long as a guy is self-sufficient and relatively social) is more attractive to women than it used to be?
Certainly, it has to be. Can you imagine a teenager these days who did not know how to use e-mail, Myspace, YouTube, GPS or their smart phone? He or she would be seriously compromising their social scene.

What typically happens when a woman challenges your pick-up techniques, ie "I bet that method of yours would never work on me"?

What a woman says will work, and what she responds to are two verifiably different things. I find it funny that most of the women in my life honestly believe that they picked ME up...and I am the one recognized as the worlds most notorious pick-up artist. HA!

What do you see yourself doing 20 years from now?

What typically happens when you meet a girlfriend's mom and dad?
I get to know them. When you get a girlfriend, you also increase your extended family circle.

What's one of the most romantic things a woman has done for you? (Romantic to you, not necessarily as defined by stereotypical definitions of romance.)
Incense, candles, bubble bath, and another girl.

What are some of your favorite products? Which brands of eyeliner and nail polish do you use?
For my black nails I prefer Magic Polish. For the eyes I like MAC. For the lipstick on my cheek--womans preference

What's under the hat?

One of my Canuck friends wanted me to ask you whether your Canadianness is an asset or liability with the US ladies.
It turns out that Americans absolutely love Canadians. We're intelligent, good looking, and we all love moose cock.

How does it feel to be the 187th person you've interviewed for
I'm on top of the world!

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