Virtual Hangover

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I'm not really hung over because I only drank Diet Pepsi last night. I'm the only human on earth who gets fatter during the summer instead of the winter so I'm working off my summer weight. Where was I? Oh yes: many many thanks to everyone who came to and read at Funny Ha-Ha: With a Vengeance! last night. We raised about $400 for the Neighborhood Writing Alliance and had a few yuks while we did it. If you want to check out the writings of the people who read last night, you can find most of their info here.

So while I take care of this pounding headache I'll make it a short one today. Two brief things:

1. I am quoted in an AP article about hardcover vs. paperback books, well-written by e-friend and colleague Kevin Sampsell.

2. Chicagoans: are you a fan of the comedian Todd Barry? You can get tickets to see him free! Check out how at Punchline Magazine.

That is all.

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