WHY I'M ON TEAM PAM By Lindsay Robertson

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Today is the day to vote. Or die!

Last week my friend Lindsay and I got involved in what we thought was a benign conversation, when we realized that we differ, severely, on an important topic: "The Office." "CLAIRE IS DEAD TO ME," she declared when we realized our difference, and that's fine by me, because I feel the same way about her.

This is war, you see. Sister against sister. Blogger against blogger. We are drawing lines in the sand, and we invite you to do the same, because we are selling shirts (for real!). Choose your side. And if you're not with me, you're against me. Well, not really.

Since Lindsay and I are gentlemanly ladies, we've agreed, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, to host the other's arguments on our sites. So if you want to see my thoughts on the matter, go here, to Lindsay's site.

By Lindsay Robertson

Okay, I get it: Karen is cool, and Pam is not. If I had to be friends with one of them, I would probably choose Karen because Pam's low self esteem and inability to make decisions would get on my nerves. It's not that I hate Karen -- that episode where she plays World of Warcraft (update: OR WHATEVER) with Jim and Ed Helms did a lot for her otherwise boring glamour-gal image, and convinced me that I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss her as one of those girls who owns more handbags than books. BUT, there are good reasons why I know more Office fans on Team Pam than on Team Karen:

Reasons to Root for Pam:

1. Pam is the underdog who needs to be brought out of her shell, while Karen is a sophisticated vixen who, despite admitting to being "into" Jim on last week's episode, would probably lose interest in him as soon as she got him. And, as it's been annoyingly mentioned in every interview with (the awesome) Jenna Fischer, everyone has an "inner Pam" or whatever, and rooting for Pam to unlease her "inner Karen" is much more interesting than watching Karen chew Jim up and spit him out.

2. And most important: JIM. LOVES. PAM. Just watch (this was the best version of the clip I could find.):

Aww. Go Team Pam!

Do you agree? Tell the world by purchasing a fashionable t-shirt like the ones below. (Pick Karen, though).