Book By Its Cover Review: Having Your Third Arm Removed

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Today is the day to tear something out of a magazine.

Chicagoans, looking for something to do tonight? Go check out the wonderful Kevin Guilfoile, who will be making one of his last appearances for his very popular book Cast of Shadows. He'll be be giving a talk and signing at the Webster Place Barnes and Noble at the corner of Webster and Clybourn in Chicago, Thursday night at 7:30 PM. You should go, you won't be sorry (and if you do go, tell him I sent you.)

Book By Its Cover Review: Having Your Third Arm Removed

"SHANGHAI, China -- A 2-month-old Chinese boy was recovering Tuesday after surgery to remove an unusually well-formed third arm."

I was very disappointed to read this news. Could doctors not appreciate how awesome this baby's life was going to be when he grew up? Think about how many more groceries he could carry! How much better he'd be at ping pong! What a lover he would be!

I'd understand if it was a tiny, malformed third arm. That would be weird. But why would you remove a perfectly good third arm? Sure, he'd have to pay more to have custom-made shirts and jackets made, but I feel like science is denying pure evolution

. After all, what would they do if a boy was born with fully functional gills? Or wings? Why curtail the awesomeness? I am aware that President Bush was firm about trying to stem the proliferation of human-animal hybrids, but I'd say that a boy with a third arm is still a long way from being an octo-boy.

Maybe I'm just all about mutant rights since I saw the latest "X-Men" movie (which admittedly sucked.) But this must be akin to primordial fish amputating the legs of the first guy who crawled out of the pond.

Let our children mutate naturally, if it's going to result in greater convenience! Unless of course the mutations are really gross-looking, in which case, go ahead with the amputations.