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Today is the day to watch some interpretive dance.

So it's in the news today that a book is coming out making a convincing argument that Barry Bonds took all kindsa steroids in order to break Mark McGuire's home run record.

I won't get into judging this, because it's pretty messed up to see one guy cheating, and then decide to cheat even more to break his cheaterly record.

No, what I have to consider is you really have to give it up for steroids: they really must work. There might be hundreds of stories of players who took steroids who didn't see any results, but so far, with most of the baseball players accused of abusing the drugs, it worked.. Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmiero. They delivered. Which means that steroids delivered.

Obviously, I am not condoning the use of steroids. It's cheating. It's bad for your body. Small-ball baseball is more fun than home run contests. And there seems to be some correlation between being a steroid user and being a jerk.

But I just need to give it up to steroids for delivering what they promise. Even Tylenol isn't always that effective. For instance, heroin might make you think it's going to make your life better. But it really, rarely does. But if you think that a Major League Baseball Player correctly made the equation that a certain amount of illegal drugs would add up to a home run record, that really speaks to the effects of steroids. So whoever makes steroids, you should be proud of yourself for creating such a bad, yet efficient product. Boo/congratulations.