List: Other Ways to Shake It

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November 11, 2003

Today is the day to join the flea circus.


Were you hoping to listen to my reading on NPR but missed it back in October? I finally dug it out of the archives. You can find it here (click on the "Writers' Block Party" link.)

Last week Mr. Ced Stines pinch hit with a great hip-hop oriented list, so I'm going to follow up with a much worse one. In case you don't know, (Mom), the band Outkast implores you to "shake it, shake-shake-shake it like a Polaroid picture" in their song "Hey Ya." So I put on my jockey outfit and thought up some alternatives.

Other Ways to Shake It

Like a bus without shocks

Like an insensitive person making fun of epileptics

Like somebody who just got the bejesus scared out of them

Like a craps player

Like a coke head

Like one of those robotic dancing flowerpots

Like a golf player with the yips

Like a really strong electric toothbrush

Like a Snapple drinker