What Other Sites are Saying about This Site (and then Babelized)

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October 23, 2003

Today is the day to wonder whatever happened to that weird kid from high school.


Opium rocketh in October, sez the guest editor.

What Other Sites are Saying about This Site (and then Babelized)

Backporch Beer:
"Zulkey, contented woman of blog"

Working with Words:
"Author Claire Zulkey de relative Chicago D generates, [ that that ] I admires more e, [ ] that that has broken of a package to break of the sharpies 20-COMET-hung in line the one that they give to form for the part of the good letter of D, in a part of most"

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Craig's List:
"nothing, thinks d that has that to obstruct in Claire Zulkey"

The Bayou City Perspective:
"Apanha de Zulkey the excrement of steckfassung, because when the durable connection is described (is not the laudatory connections, of that one the bathed relative of the examinación of the fact, that obtains e, the Claire to me thinks, that it is called, is with those extrème and each possible name with the Z in him cooooool is pretty). "

Utter Wonder:
"But all let vergu|enza to be we who have repaired, this one were the deepest point of the station the loss the beginning of December 67-19 to the cut to the house of the university of Claire Zulkey, constituted of the fact that is a school of the women. Blogs had diverse of the pressed calls something the new person of the poetry, but our square finished at the empty hands the file of the landscape... a 0-56 unsoundable in the game of the C-list of the unit."

This is Not a Pipe:
" The opium finds festivities of TWO more not better that (nevertheless, at the moment advanced side ao, for the cause of Claire the Zulkey)"

" in the first place because together I the moments to the return, for congratulerebbe Zulkey, that is indominatable in the relative one after the book, of that is printed with the new ways therefore these it he removes from mezzeria he of Evil" the repeated service probably has taste of him "Behind he editori he Gelbkalktuenchen I gave Neal that is. The books of Claire the girl of Girls" are called "Girls; and you know pre the order here buzztastic."