Double Guest Listmaker: Kim Bosch--Most Common Email Passwords

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September 30, 2003

Today is the day to say something nice about the stadium if you can't say something nice about the team.

I smelled bad last week and was mad. (scroll)

Girlz need speshul buks.

Double Guest Listmaker: Kim Bosch

Most Common Email Passwords

Favorite number


Spouse/Partners Birthday/Name

Combine all three above

Name of pet

Nickname you wish people would call you

Fuck/Shit/Crap with any number combination


Alternatives to Umbrellas (a Tribute to Isabel)

A clipboard

A hooded jacket


hat (many seen blowing off and tumbling away)


old gym shorts



library book (which is dropped in a puddle and damages must be paid for)

A plastic bag


piece of bark from a tree