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Today is the day to eat an extra-large burrito (none of that "wrap it up and take it home" stuff)

Holy cannoli, Lindsayism.com is finally up!

I had a lot of weird food fixations when I was a kid, mostly sweets. See, my mom is one of the best cooks ever (just ask anybody who's had dinner or breakfast or tea or clambake or Thanksgiving with us) but she is not so keen on desserts or junk food. You're more likely to find quail's eggs or foie gras (or the former occupants of our house, for that matter) in our cabinets than cookies.

You reach a certain age of childhood, however, when you're allowed to eat on your own, microwave your own popcorn, or make your own sandwiches. And thus I invented chocolate chip pancake rolls.

We used to get some foodstuffs from my grade school's Co-Op, and my mom would buy frozen silver-dollar pancakes in packages of three. Sometimes my mom would accidentally leave packages of chocolate chips in our cabinet, and I discovered that if you put the two things together, you could make a wonderful treat as follows:

-Take out one frozen pancake
-Add a sprinkling of semisweet chocolate chips on top in the middle.
-Microwave on top of two paper towels (to soak up tiny icicles on pancakes and possible chocolate chip spillover) for two minutes on high power.
-Remove from microwave. Roll up and eat.

I was talking about this with a pal of mine this weekend and she confided in me that she had a similar routine at that same age (about 10-12), only the recipe was for a hot dog sandwich. Which made me think: who else had strange recipes from that age?

So email me and tell me what you made: was it fried eggs with a side of Spaghetti-O's? Peanut butter and banana sundaes? If you would be so kind, give me a recipe like above, and if there is a good story about why this dish was such a delight, let me know. We will call it the "What Was I Eating?" Zulkey.com cookbook.

Enjoy your Monday. Don't forget to check Lindsay's site.